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Hi! I'm Cris.

I'm so glad you found your way to my little entrepreneurial hub. This space is growing, providing resources and ideas that can help turn your talent into a viable and scalable business.

As a facilitator and mentor for over 10 years, I work with start-ups to already seasoned and scaling businesses; Because no matter where we are at in our businesses, there is always something to learn, ways to improve & customers to gain.

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Welcome to the Hub!

I'm looking forward to hearing all about you and your business!

Have you been at it for a few years now?
10 years? Or maybe you are a noobie in your first couple years? No matter where you are at, you are here for a reason.

So, send me your thoughts/questions below.
A virtual coffee date may be in our future!

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The Capelli Club Campus

In early 2019 I attended a business bootcamp and doing the work it hit me! "My core mission within The Capelli Club's 2011 business plan no longer needed a

brick & mortar location and it certainly didn't need a second location in order to scale"!

"I can reach more talents and facilitate them through digital platforms".


I started right away hosting virtual calls with my clients and mentees. I also started making tutorial videos.


By mid 2020, like many businesses, I realized digitalizing my entire business was going to have to happen much sooner than I had scheduled.

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This Cristella Mac Network was created for the entrepreneur who has worked long enough within their business to understand passionate is great, talent is needed, but money makes or breaks you.

We get down the real pains, misconceptions, toxic practices...BUT we present practical solutions!

For the noobs, you are welcome too! We always go back to basics, so get your notepads ready.

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