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A Network for Hybrid "Brick & Mouse" Business Owners

CMTV was created for the business owner who has worked long enough within their business to understand passionate is great, talent is needed, but money makes or breaks you. With that said, even the most seasoned entrepreneurs, talents and managers need reminders! We are always going back to the basics, which makes this a value packed space for new business start-ups!

There are so many “consultants”, “coaches”, “mentors” that want to pump you up and get you started in your business. That’s great! You need that! But what happens when bills start? When the lease payment is due? When the small business loan that seemed great, isn’t so great after all with additional fees that end making it no different than if you put your business expenses on a credit card?


Cheers and pom poms aren't paying your bills.

You need a BBF, Best Business Friend, someone who has literally been through it themselves, got through it and did so with other people taking notice of how they did it; In an industrious, innovative and profitable way.

What to look for when taking advice

You want someone who thinks like your client or customer.
You want someone who has walked in your shoes.
You want someone who thinks like your employees and who has had employees just like yours.
You want someone who gets the numbers and doesn’t get distracted by feelings.
You want someone who knows the tools, the professionals and the resources you need.
You want someone who understands what your time is worth and that without profit, you aren’t running a business, but rather you have an expensive hobby.

This is how we are different. We are about facts and getting things done. We want you around in the future.

They say, small businesses are the backbone of our society, right?
So small business owners need to know how to protect their businesses and make sure money is in the bank.
Otherwise, we can keep saying “Good-bye” to small businesses and that is quite a backache for our society! (If they mean what they say!)

CMTV specializes in boutique hybrid businesses; Think mom & pop who are getting with the times :) Often store front locations for retail, salon & café.

CMTV episodes are ready and officially launch January 2024.
If you want to be contacted to let you know when news episodes are live, let us know.

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